If your roof could talk

Nowadays there are various types of roofing to choose from. You can find types which cater to your specific needs. The roof of any structure plays an essential function. The primary purpose of shelters is to protect the interior of a building from any environmental elements such as rain and direct sunlight.Many audience ask the question,What is a cape cod style home?

One of the many different types of roofs is the gable roof. A lot of building structures have this kind of roof. This type comprises of 2 roof surfaces. These surfaces are the same size, and you pitch them at a similar angle. Because they are thrown at the same angle, they form a ridge on top resulting in a roof which has a triangular shape. This kind is inexpensive to design and very simple to construct.

The gable roof has the advantage of having plenty of ceiling space, and it provides excellent ventilation. The only drawback is that it is not suitable for high wind regions as it can be easily damaged. There is also what is called the cross gabled roof. This type is almost similar to the gable roof except that with this one there are two components which cross.

As a result, there are two ridges formed. These kinds of roofs are mostly used in Cape Cod and Tudor style houses. You can also opt for the flat roof. These types of roofs are flat. However, to help with the shedding of water, they have a slight slope. They have the benefit of being cheaper than most roof types. The reason for this is that they use fewer materials during construction.

This type of roof last for many years depending on the sort of area you live in. This type will not be the ideal choice if you reside in a region which receives lots of snow and rainfall. Some buildings have what is called the mansard roof. The name mansard comes from the architect who designed this roofing.

This kind is characterized by two different slopes. The reason why so many people opt for these roofs is that they have plenty of attic space. There is also extra space called the garret. The only disadvantage of this type of roofing is that it is not suitable for areas which receive heavy snow.

The reason for this is that the snow will end up building on the lower slope part and this will strain the bracing. The hipped roof, on the other hand, has similarities with the gable roof. It is the ideal type of roof if you live in regions which have frequent hurricanes and high winds. They are not easily blown away because they have excellent internal bracing.

Their only drawback is that they do not provide a lot of storage space. Another type of roofing is the cross hip roof. This has similar features with the hipped roof. It is characterized by two crossing parts. The pyramidal hip roof is shaped like a pyramid. It has four triangles which meet at a focal point. These triangles are equal.



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